The Beerista

Aften Lee
Craft Beer Education and Event Production

I’m Aften Lee, AKA The Beerista, a Certified Cicerone®, craft beer educator, and event manager based in Venice Beach, CA. I’ve worked in the craft beer industry for over 5 years in event and marketing management roles, with breweries including Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. I’m passionate about creating memorable, engaging, fun events.


  • Private events & parties:

    Hosting a craft beer tasting, pairing party, beer dinner, or educational seminar is a fun way to set your next get together apart. I can work with you to come up with the perfect format for your occasion and budget, then make that idea come to life.

  • Corporate events:

    Having drinks with co-workers while learning something new makes for great team building. I can put together an educational and engaging event for your next office hang out.

  • Beer dinners/tasting events for restaurants:

    I loves food and beer pairings and can help you elevate your next beer event at your restaurant. I can work with your team to come up with a theme, help plan the menu, create event materials, and more.

  • Festival/Sponsorship management and setup for breweries:

    Having managed and worked on the ground for several years in the festival, sponsorship and event world, I can lend a helping hand to smaller breweries that don’t have event staff. I’m an expert in California ABC event laws and know my way around a pop-up tent like no one else. Whatever your needs, I can help.

  • Brewery event planning and execution:

    If you are a craft brewery that wants to host your own event, but don’t have staff to spare or the expertise on-hand to plan and execute it the way you want, I can bring my event management and marketing skills to your team to make your vision come to life.

  • Staff education:

    If you are a brewery, bar, or restaurant looking to elevate your craft beer game, having a well educated staff is one of the best ways to set yourself apart. I can work with you to provide custom training to teach your staff about the history of craft beer styles, proper serving techniques, and more.

Whether you are an individual looking to host a small craft beer event at home, a brewery that needs an extra set of hands executing events, or a restaurant looking to put on an innovative beer pairing dinner, I can help make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me anytime