It’s a new Easter: Homebrew Easter baskets, beermosas, and some Queen.

Brunch is one of my favorite ways to let a Sunday pass by. Hell, really any event, any day of the week that involves large spreads of home cooked food, endless champagne and good company that result in afternoon naps (or an 8pm bedtime) is my favorite way to pass the time. Easter is always a must do brunch day, and this year’s eggstravaganza was eggstrodinary!

There were several firsts for me at this brunch:

  1. I cooked my first ham and was told it turned out great. While probably true, my tipsy crew isn’t too picky. I followed this recipe to break-in my ham making skills. Super easy.
  2. I made Easter baskets using old 6 pack holders covered in brown paper bags and decorated them with one of a kind crayon artwork. I stuffed them with homebrews (Honey Pot – a Belgium honey ale, and Spring Crop – a super hoppy IPA) and candy, mainly of the peanut butter and chocolate variety. Homebrew craft project!
  3. I made several new varieties of ‘mosas. One was a cucumber honey mimosas with champagne and one was a beermosa with OJ and a raspberry puree. More on these lovely drinks can be found here.

    Beermose with Allagash White

  4. I participated in an egg hunt where 6 lucky hunters were surprised with Easter eggs filled with a plastic shot glass, Easter poem, and a must-do command of taking a shot of tequila.
  5. I watched someone attempt to take a shot of tequila out of a hollowed out Peep. For those of you that are curious, no it didn’t work, and yes it was disgusting. Turns out the Peep is the perfect sponge for tequila. Instead of taking a shot out of the Peep, he ending up eating a squishy, tequila soaked mess.
  6. I was exiting the brunch just as Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” started to play on Pandora. This lead to an impromptu living room karaoke session. It is the perfect way to leave a party. Try it some time.

All in all, it was the perfect brunch. It started as a classy affair and ended in slightly drunken debauchery. You can’t ask for much more from one sunny Sunday afternoon.  And I managed to stay awake until 9pm.

Full brunch menu:

Yellow pepper and asparagus frittata

Tortilla quiche (or white trash quiche as I call it)

Fruit salad

Honey thyme glazed ham

Scapllop potatos

Sweet potato and salmon hash

Deviled eggs

Traditional mimosas

Cucumber honey mimosas


Blackeyed pea cavier

Hummus, veggis and pita chips

Angel food cake and fresh berries

A store bought cake that looked like an angry bird

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